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Auction Services

Our live auctions will keep your guests entertained for around 45 minutes and helps you to raise money for your chosen charity or company. The auction will consist of 10 to 15 unique items from your choice of sports stars, movie stars, television stars, music stars or celebrity collages.

Just let us know your guests hobbies and interests and we will make sure we bring the right memorabilia to raise as much money for you as possible.

Each item comes supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity and are all framed to the highest of standards. Your auction will be hosted by our exhilarating MC on the night and he will generate a thrilling and exciting paced evening raising as much money as possible for you, while getting your guests on the edge of their seats with excitement.


Silent auctions are an exciting auction that will bring out the guests that enjoy an electrifying fast paced auction that changes by the minute and builds up a whirlwind over the course of your event.

Your guests must keep an eye throughout the night to see if they are being out-bidded on the memorabilia they have fallen in love with and raise their bids. We have seen many guests just miss out by very small margins.

The silent auction will have approximately 20 rip roaring small items with a host of world famous stars. The memorabilia will have a reserve value which will be discussed with you before the evening.

When your guests see an item they have fallen in love with, they simply fill out their details on Worldwide Signings Auctions forms, including their mobile number and how much they are willing to bid for their selected item.

At the end of the night, around 11:30, we will either call you on your mobile or approach your table to announce you are the victor and to collect your item.

1 – Select your item

2 – Complete the unique form

3 – Await the bidding and enjoy your evening.

Don’t forget to check the bids on your item to keep ahead!


We have built up many celebrity contacts over the years with many of them becoming personal friends of ours at Worldwide Signings, getting you discounted rates to raise money.

There are many advantages to having a celebrity guest appear at your event. Celebrity guest appearances help increase your ticket sales, with a wide range of guests from boxing stars, t.v personalities to comedians that will make your guests roar with laughter and remember the event forever .

Advantages of you having a celebrity at your event include:

1 – Increased ticket sales

2 – A VIP Reception

3 – Meet the celebrity

4 – Photo opportunities

5 – Present winning items

6 – Clips of the celebrity

7 – Discussions with celebrity

8 – Questions and Answers Sessions

9 – Possible autograph opportunities

Just think of when you advertise your event, an evening with … will get your clients passion to be part of your stunning money raising event.

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